Playing with Data: Ethics and Gamification Research

July 10, 2015
Creative, Design, Digital
“Citizen science games” such as Galaxy Zoo, Foldit, and Eye Wire use gamified interfaces to motivate millions of people to apply their time and cognitive skills to solving problems such as protein folding and image recognition, but can these contributions of cognitive skills from game-players be seen as exploitation?
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SuperBetter: Gamification and Tools for Health

July 6, 2015
Creative, Digital
Dr Jane McGonigal is an expert in the creations of games and gamified interfaces that promote learning and social engagement. She is a gaming legend and to date her TED talks have been watched over 10 million times. Check out her tips for Massively Multi-player Thumb-wrestling - a super-fun physical game that relaxes, connects and engages people physically.
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Employee Induction

Advantages of eLearning!!

February 9, 2015
Design, Digital

Advantages of E-Learning Online learning can help your organization increase access to training and ensure that it is immediately relevant and cost-effective. This not only saves the organisation time, but also encourages collaboration and interaction amongst staff.

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