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Simulation training allows staff to learn how to use any computer-based application in a supportive environment, without the worry of ‘messing up’ the real system.

Edmore can also adapt simulation training to any type of equipment, e.g. telephone systems, Point of Sale equipment, RF scanners or consoles.

Our simulation training displays a full size image of the application screen so your staff can become familiar with the look and operation of the screens without the need for access to a training database.

Working with your subject matter experts, Edmore will develop task-oriented modules that are custom-built to follow your workflow using data familiar to your staff.


Edmore’s simulation training enables your staff to become competent by providing:

  • Instruction windows with relevant business process information, tips and tricks, and navigation guidance
  • Training interactions that reflect the actions users perform in the live system
  • Tailored Help windows to assist users to perform the correct action.

Simulation modules are an effective way to train new staff, to keep existing staff up-to-date with new software releases and procedure updates, and to assess competency prior to granting access to your live system and data.

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