Adam Baudelaire

Adam Baudelaire

About Adam Baudelaire

General Manager

Innovation excites me – like the rapid evolution of education, augmented realist, and big data.

At Edmore, Adam holistically drives the company in a direction that engages creative and relationship approaches to work. His background in teaching and mentoring has contributed to his skills to manage a team. He manages everyone in the process of Edmore’s projects, from supplier to staff and clients, while steering the creative vision. The most important part of Adam’s role is understanding the needs of the client, ensuring they get their expected outcome.

While Adam manages clients’ expectations, he also contributes to the actual design of many projects. He often chooses the Dev Team, who builds the product, and reviews the content before it is submitted to the client. With his design eye and training background, Adam works to ensure that the quality of each piece of work that Edmore produces meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Much of his work involves anticipating needs and keeping the client updated and responded to in a timely manner. He is also the ideas man and looks for opportunities in everything. This big picture thinking provides better outcomes for clients.

Outside of work, Adam has passion for Biomimicry, passive solar architecture, alternative energy, political reinvention, and has a mentorship program for teen boys.