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Mahtab Lahijany

About Mahtab Lahijany

Managing Director

At the early age of 23, Mahtab graduated as a Masters in Food Science Engineering and soon after she became one of Tehran University researchers. She was an active part of many national and international research projects and published 8 national research papers.

Mahtab has always been very passionate about science and biology and as a result she left Iran for Europe to satisfy her interest in Medicine.

In 2007, she migrated to Australia to finish her PhD in Engineering!

Along with her education in Engineering and Medicine, she has education in different fields such as family law, child psychology, biology, languages and theology.

Mahtab also loves photography and digital arts and in her spare time, she creates magic with her favourite photo editing software!

Along with other things, she also loves gardening, going mountain climbing, studying about insects in particular spiders, cooking, technology and fast cars…