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Individuals use eLearning more than they think they do.  Think of how many times you go to Google and YouTube to look for information or help on certain problems you may have.  ELearning is not a new concept.

What is eLearning? It is learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet.

When researching eLearning there is a lot of information about the benefits of it from the perspective of the business such as cost savings in training, travel and business downtime, but do users actually like eLearning?

Here are 5 reasons why most users like eLearning:

Users are engaged in the technology

Most individuals these days have a working knowledge of computer technology whether it is on their mobiles, computers, iPads or tablets.  Their devices are with them constantly and play a big part in their lives.  They are familiar with learning through technology and the concepts used in training this way.  The technology used in most online training courses is quick to grasp for users.

Users can learn at their own pace

Users like eLearning because they can learn at a pace based on their current level of knowledge and interests.  For subjects they are proficient in, they can work through these sections quicker.  For the harder subjects, they can go slower, re-read sections and go back if they do not understand anything.  eLearning is particularly useful where English may not be their first language or they have learning difficulties and need more time to process the information.  Quizzes and questions give them feedback on areas where they need to do more training.  Their attention span is high and promotes a positive base to eLearning.

ELearning can fit into their day

Everybody is time-poor, whether you are a full time employee, self-employed or raising a family.  eLearning enables each user to access training when it is convenient for them, stopping and restarting the course when time allows.  There are mobile versions available as well, so people on the move can complete online courses wherever they may be; they don’t have to wait until they are back in the office or at home.

Content is applicable to the user

Whether you’re doing eLearning for work or for pleasure, the content is usually relevant to the user.  The flexibilities offered in presenting the training can turn complex subjects into easy to understand smaller sections and broken into modules based on the users prior knowledge.  This helps in absorbing new information, customising the learning environment for the individual and hence, making it more enjoyable.  When subject matter is relevant to the user, learning is easy and enjoyable.

Users can interact and make decisions

eLearning courses allow users to interact with the content in the training course by using questions, animation, quizzes, scenarios and games.  It allows them to make decisions based on the information they have learnt and the implications in real life scenarios.   eLearning can help learners explore the consequences of their answers to the questions to better assimilate what they have learnt.

Don’t put off your eLearning development any longer, your users are asking for it!


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