Edmore has years of experience in developing custom elearning solutions and a range of elearning Content for a variety of clients. Here are some of the ways you can use Conceptual Training.


  • Staff and Contractor induction
  • Pre-commencement on boarding for new staff
  • Work Health and Safety training
  • Key policies and procedures
  • Leadership skills
  • Compliance
  • Project management
  • Plant operations
  • Medical procedures
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sales and marketing


Edmore works with you to design and develop customised, focussed e-learning Contents and modules to meet your training needs.  We apply adult learning principles to the design and ensure content in each module is suitable for a diverse range of users who may have differing computer literacy levels, knowledge and experience.

To ensure the training is a perfect fit for your organisation, Edmore develops your content using branding guidelines together with your terminology, images and content.

Edmore’ conceptual training enables you to make a consistent level of teaching accessible to all students, staff, clients and suppliers when and where they need it.  The e-learning can also become valuable reference material, as learners can access it any time to refresh their knowledge and skills.


We recommend including assessments to verify user knowledge and understanding and also help to increase the level of knowledge retention.

Assessments can include pre-training and post-training testing to evaluate ‘before and after’ knowledge and skills levels.


The Edmore content development process aims to minimise the amount of time and effort required by your staff in developing the training.

  1. Our elearning developers will co-ordinate with your representative to confirm a project plan detailing your requirements for the eLearning solution and the major project milestones.
  2. We will then develop a storyboard for each module and send it to your SME for review and sign-off prior to content development.
  3. The next step would be to develop the modules and make the draft version available on your Edmore testing site to be reviewed.
  4. You provide us with any modifications which we then incorporate in the development.
  5. On project completion and approval, Edmore make the training available on your Edmore hosted production portal with all user registrations, activity tracking, management reporting and other agreed functions available.

Alternatively, if we are developing for your existing LMS, the SCORM published files will be provided ready for installation.

Your Edmore Instructional Designer will keep you up-to-date on progress throughout the development and can be contacted directly to discuss any aspect of your project.


No problem, Edmore can provide SCORM compliant training output in SWF and HTML5 format for you to load on your existing LMS.


Simulation training allows staff to learn how to use any computer-based application in a supportive environment, without the worry of ‘messing up’ the real system.

Edmore can also adapt simulation training to any type of equipment, e.g. telephone systems, Point of Sale equipment, RF scanners or consoles.

Our simulation training displays a full size image of the application screen so your staff can become familiar with the look and operation of the screens without the need for access to a training database.

Working with your subject matter experts, Edmore will develop task-oriented modules that are custom-built to follow your workflow using data familiar to your staff.


Edmore’s simulation training enables your staff to become competent by providing:

  • Instruction windows with relevant business process information, tips and tricks, and navigation guidance
  • Training interactions that reflect the actions users perform in the live system
  • Tailored Help windows to assist users to perform the correct action.

Simulation modules are an effective way to train new staff, to keep existing staff up-to-date with new software releases and procedure updates, and to assess competency prior to granting access to your live system and data.