Compelling and relevant imagery enhances the effectiveness of training, increasing interest in and retention of the content.

In consultation with you, Edmore designs training to match your organisation’s existing visual identity, or creates something entirely new.

For your customised training, Edmore designs effective illustrations, diagrams, charts and page layouts using our in-house photography and royalty free image library.

Our design process begins by talking with you about your visual ideas and requirements.  Next, we work with these ideas and requirements to create a look and feel for your training, defining the main colour and style themes.  At this point, we like to present the look and feel to you to ensure we’re on the right track before designing the rest of the training.


In addition to customised graphics for training, Edmore also offers website design and a range of print design services, including documentation, posters and advertising.  If you are a new business or looking to update your organisation’s image, Edmore can assist you with logo/branding design.