A learning management system (LMS) is an application used to administer, deliver and report on training within your organisation.  eStats provides you with a LMS that can be customised to meet your requirements for training delivery and reporting.  With eStats on your Edmore Training hosted training portal, your LMS is available with less administrative effort from you than with an off-the-shelf product.

A wide variety of organisations currently use eStats including NSW Health, Mercy Health, Ausenco, Hunter Water, National Museum of Australia and Crimtrac.


Your staff can login to your Edmore Training hosted training portal from anywhere with Internet access – at work or at home.  Your training is available 24/7

eStats has the flexibility to automatically present tailored training menus to users when they login.  The system will determine the required menu based on the user’s registration details, such as their job role or location.

You can also control movement within a module using optional Topics control.

eStats will keep track of where a user is in a lesson and create a bookmark on exit so the user can continue from the bookmark at another time.

eStats allows you to keep your employees notified of new or updated training, and has the facility to send automatic emails to prompt refresher training at specified times.

Online Employee Induction


The key information tracked by eStats includes:

  • Number of interactive steps completed by each user for each module
  • Date, time and duration of the learning activity
  • User completion of compulsory and optional modules
  • Score achieved in completing an assessment, pass or fail status, time to complete and incorrectly answered questions.

This provides a higher level of detail than SCORM standard reports.

Online Learning Management Systems

Using this data, eStats provides you with a number of standard reports including:

  • Individual user reporting
  • Department reporting
  • Total training effort time and areas
  • Mastery tracking and reporting
  • Management reporting including Local, State & National level.
  • Tracking of user progress through assigned training activities
  • Verification and reporting of compliance requirements.

We can also develop custom reports to satisfy your organisation’s reporting requirements.

Using eStats, you can export training data from your Edmore Training hosted training portal.  This could be to an Excel spreadsheet or in a format you specify so you can import the data into your HR system.  You can export on an ‘as required’ basis or we can establish a regular export/import routine with you.


With eStats on an Edmore Training hosted training portal, we can complete much of the administrative set up and ongoing maintenance for you.  It’s up to you how much or little administration you want to be involved in.

You can choose to have your staff register themselves on the training portal, appoint an administrator in your organisation to register new users or use eStats’ facility for automated regular updates to the student database.

Edmore Training also provides support during and after business hours, and offsite and onsite nightly backups.