Whether it’s an ipad or a smart phone edmore can create suitable e learning content for any device.

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a smart phone or a Pad these days.  But it’s not just the fact that mobile usage has grown in leaps and bounds, it is our continual reliance on the device that is probably more significant.

Our time spent online with our Pads and smart phones are growing and we are using these devises in more and more different ways.  We know that we can pay for goods with our mobile device; we can use our mobile instead of house or car keys, so it makes sense that mobile learning (mLearning) is another area we are seeing tremendous growth and demand.

Mobile learning is considered a more informal and social learning model because users access the learning content, anytime and anywhere.  Learners are no longer restricted to the workplace or work hours and usually grab time out of their day to complete a course on their mobile device.

Here at Edmore we pay particular attention to 3 areas when designing a mobile learning course: technology, content and support.


Our mobile learning courses match the delivery formats of the mobile devices, using the appropriate media encoding and file sizes.

The user interface for mobile learning should be more concise and straightforward, the application navigation should be simple and familiar to your users.

Mobile E Learning


Content should be in shorter bursts to match mLearning users attention span and the size of the screen.  Mobile device usage is usually between 5 to 15 minutes at any one time and they use their mobile device in locations that are distracting, unlike classroom or desk based eLearning.

The screen on a mobile device limits the users’ view of the course, so a course that has only a few elements in each module will keep learners engaged.

We develop new ways to complete input tasks, assessments and testing by matching the capabilities of the mobile devices.  We keep in consideration that the very nature of the mobile device makes typing long answers and essays tedious, and the keyboard reduces the screen space, limiting their view of the course content.


Our mobile learning solutions provide communications on multiple levels such as SMS messages and emails.  Communication and support is the key to any learning environment and it is just as important in mobile learning.

Feedback from mLearning instructors can be made in various formats such as regular reminders, questions to students, quizzes, challenges, or use learner generated content to make it more relevant and engaging to the user.

Are you ready to engage your learners with mobile learning?  Be the first in your industry to embrace this opportunity.

2013 research by Google and marketing firm, Ipsos found that over 70% of smartphone users now watch videos on their mobiles and 19% of them watch videos every day.  The most surprising statistic of all is that 29% of mobile users would rather give up their television than their smartphone.