Alex Zar

Alex Zar

About Alex Zar

Managing Director

I live for challenges and enjoy solving problems. My goal and main focus is to serve our clients in the best way possible.

Education and digital media are two areas that Alex is passionate about. Merging those together means Edmore delivers quality products that are both effective and enjoyable. He has directed and produced several documentaries and short films both nationally and internationally. He has owned or been a key part of fifteen businesses in nine different industries.

Edmore would be nothing without its team and Alex ensures that all staff are happy in their roles to allow them to produce their best work for the client. When you work with Edmore, you will feel connected to the team and a part of the Edmore family as you’re taken along the process. This balance and stability is due to the support that Alex offers his staff. He is constantly making contact with the heads of each team to make sure they’re getting what they need for their jobs and that your project is on track and well looked after.

When he’s not at work, Alex is busy with a family of four fury kids, two chickens, and four fish, spending time outdoors, motorcycling on beautiful country roads, and taking photographs.