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Mahtab Lahijany

About Mahtab Lahijany

Research & Development

As Edmore’s heart, I help with the focus and direction of the company.

You will get the best experience possible with Edmore thanks to Mahtab, who works with the team to ensure they’re making all customers feel special, that they are getting value for their money, and that they have made the right choice by working with Edmore’s skilled and dedicated team.

Mahtab has a background in research and engineering, which fuels her love for challenges and working with a team to take on huge projects and make them successful. As the Head of Research at Tehran University, Mahtab worked in a team to solve many national issues in food and agriculture. Now, she uses her skills developed in a scholarly, team-based environment to give support and advice to the management team to help them achieve their project goals.

Mahtab is open to life and all of its mysteries. In her down time, she refuels with bird watching, swimming, hiking, walks along the beach, cooking, and sewing.