Raj Singh

Raj Singh

About Raj Singh

Technical Lead & Cinematographer

I provide support to our users and am here to resolve any issues.

Raj is constantly looking for ways to develop his skills and has taught himself to use various design, eLearning, and cinematography related software to contribute to his work at Edmore. With a background in engineering, Raj decided to make the career move to what he is passionate about – filmmaking and photography. Raj has been involved in the preparation, filmmaking, and post-production management of 80+ video courses on varying topics.

One of Raj’s main roles is to provide support to Edmore’s users and look after the IT concerns of the company. He ensures servers are running smoothly to avoid any downtime of services. He helps clients get through their training to use their product effective and provides support on a daily basis to prevent users being hindered by any unforeseen obstacles. You can be assured that Raj will be there to help with any issue that arises.

Outside of work, Raj goes on bushwalks, rock climbs, and attends Crossfit. He loves listening to good music, pretending to be a culinary expert in the kitchen, and spending quality time with his wife.