With today’s fast moving technological advances, an old fashion text-filled online learning module can easily put learners to sleep. Adding video and audio to your training can make a huge difference in knowledge acquisition and retention. According to some studies 65% of the worlds population are visual learners and having this information can help you reach your audience even better by including some form of video and audio content.

At Edmore, we have an abundance of production expertise when it comes to Video and Audio production. We can help you at any stage of the development to create and implement;

  1. Introduction videos
  2. Instructional videos
  3. Skills demonstration
  4. Role-play videos
  5. Promotional videos
  6. Adding audio to your eLearning
  7. Audio for visually impaired learning


  • Pre-production In the Pre-production stage we clarify the target audience and plan the stages of production. This is normally done at a face-to-face meeting where our team collaborates with yours and has a brainstorming session to “dig out” and layout all ideas on the table.
  • Story-boarding we will create a story board to show you ideas and the flow of the concept
  • Script development our professional writers put “pen to paper” and develop the story which will become the centre of the production and be used to develop the final product
  • Production management once all the preparation have been done then it comes the fun part of recording/ shooting. Edmore will handle all production elements such as cast, crew, locations, equipment, catering, make up and more.
  • Post production once all the excitement is over and we have the files at hand, our clever postproduction team start putting the story together following the script and the storyboard ideas. In this stage we could also add all the little tricks up our sleeves like, Photoshop, CGI, effects etc.


Adding Audio and Video to your arsenal of learning & development tools does not cost an arm and a leg. As matter of fact our clients are often surprised when they learn how affordable this can be. We can also work to the clients budget so then even the finance department is happy!


How important is using images in your educational content?

  1. Everybody likes colours and images
  2. Having variety
  3. Familiarisation to your own environment
  4. Actual reference images