E Learning Training Development

It is no secret that the benefits of eLearning and mobile learning for any size business, makes good business sense.  The quality of the training, the accessibility and time savings of online training coupled with reduced costs all point to eLearning  as the new learning technology.

What are some of the areas of your business where you can create an eLearning program, to disseminate knowledge, increase efficiencies and communicate culture and policies to increase return on investment and sales profit?

ELearning for Employees

As a knowledge base for IT and human resources issues or topics

Induction, company policies, equipment & software, behaviours and culture training via eLearning is an excellent way to equip new and existing employees with the required knowledge and skills to be part of the company.  Unlike classroom training, eLearning can be accessed in any location at any time.  It is a productive tool, particularly in companies where there is a high turnover of staff and shift workers or changes in company culture and policies need to be communicated to all employees in a non-threatening way.

IT procedures are an excellent training topic which works well in the eLearning environment, especially in complex & highly technical systems, where compliance is important. ELearning modules can include ‘learn by doing’ interaction, or clear detailed graphics to explain complex technical details.

Safety issues

In workplaces, where safety is of major importance, eLearning is a quick and cost effective option.  It ensures that each employee receives the same message on safety and OH&S standards and the course notifies management when each employee has completed the safety course.  Mishaps around the workplace can be prevented, using photos, demonstrations and audio interviews with employees in the training modules.

Performance management

Performance management is a common area where misunderstandings amongst employees occur.  ELearning can demonstrate the benefits of the process and what will be achieved.  The training can involve the use of scenarios showing discussions between a manager and an employee in a management review meeting, to increase their understanding of performance review process.

Products and services

In businesses and industries, where there are a lot of products and services or short product life cycles, an efficient and cost effective way to educate all employees is via eLearning.

If your business has a heavy reliance on third party dealers and trade partners to sell on your behalf, clear and concise online training of new products and services is an efficient and cost effective way to better serve your client base and represent your business to prospective clients.  The more knowledgeable your business partners are about your products, the more likely they are to sell on your behalf.  ELearning modules could include ‘learn by doing’ interaction to demonstrate how products work or use different scenarios to teach them about a new service offering.


ELearning is not restricted to internal use only – your customers could benefit from an eLearning course when they have purchased your product.  This is especially useful for complex and technical products where training would help your customers get more from your product and improve your company branding.  You can use graphics to illustrate components of the product or demonstrate the use of the product through instructional learning.

The best eLearning courses are the ones that provide great information, in a clear and concise manner that is enjoyable and easy to use.  The possibilities for business ELearning are endless.


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